Structure can slow down a racing mind

Posted: August 5, 2010 in poker, workouts/sports

It is very odd how difficult it is to enjoy without over indulging. To relax without becoming complacent. To maintain perspective while my head is in the clouds. To find a solid balance on shaky ground. However, those fine lines encompass what it is to lead a healthy, balanced life. In an effort to allocate my focus, I’ve decided I need to expand upon and create new goals.

Short Term Business:
– Profit $150k for FTOPS/miniFTOPS+WCOOP(between playing/backing)
– Profit $75k live (Aug. – Dec.)
– Really dissect my live cash game play
– Rededicate some time toward MTT strategy
– Put in a solid Sunday volume during non event times
– Play 10 live events (Aug. – Dec.)
– Be diligent with improving the guys I invest in
– Find a better outlet to iron out leaks; Stop relying so heavily on myself

Long Term Business:
– Diversify: Examine long term investments outside of poker; Develop a retirement plan
– Really examine the value in where my money goes
– Be careful not to fall into the lure of Tourney poker or jumping stakes too soon. Play what is profitable
– Profit $1 Million over 12 months
– Embrace the traveling
– Determine if Vegas needs to be home and if so for how long

– Lose 10 lbs or 8% body fat (by Nov.)
– Make sure time is well spent(i.e. work, play, gym, etc. put in quality hours.)
– Stay hungry
– Upgrade house
– Trade in car
– Closely examine having a place in/around Pitt even if just something small to go home to a few weeks/yr
– Make more trips to Tahoe
– Stay dedicated to Baseball
– Spend more time outside

8/13 – 8/18: Friends in town (Skipping FTOPS MAIN :( )
8/18 – 8/20: L.A. w/said friends
8/20 – 8/30: More friends in twn
9/1 – 9/13: Home, Lake House in Erie(Labor day), Home
9-14 – 9/22: Borgata WPT
10/14 – 10/17: Georgia; wedding
10/17 – 10/29: Foxwoods
10/30 – 10/31: State College PSU vs Mich (if not in Foxwoods main)
11/24 – 11/29: Home Thanksgiving/H.S. Reunion
12/24 – 1/4: Home Christmas/NYE/Winter Classic

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