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What Makes a Warrior

Posted: February 22, 2017 in life, mourning

One year ago our community lost a truly selfless and inspirational figure. I wasn’t able to articulate these words until she had already passed, but upon rereading what I wrote a year ago it’s clear I was merely the messenger.                                                

What makes a warrior?

10632657_10208259786515361_6639066872537912019_nWarriors are apart of the chosen few who embrace their life mission to serve and protect, making a difference through a call to action. Unrelenting fight fueled by bravery and a loyalty most will never comprehend. A bleeding heart that can often be mistaken for weakness. Make no mistake empathy is not a chink in their armor, but instead, serves as the guiding why which defines the cause.


What makes a hero?

Heroes are the warrior elite. Battle tested and made invincible through their conquered struggles. Cut from the cloth of the divine, our heroes exemplify patience, perseverance, and a vision to empower all those caught in the struggle to find their inner warrior and choose to change their stars.

By every definition of the word, Ellen Toy was a hero. Her ever present compassion could be felt with each and every smile. Her strength exuded an aura about her that would cause anyone in her presence to take pause. She was larger than life, a legacy that proves to transcend her even in death.

In a true act of heroism, Ellen never succumbed to the battle laid before her; she chose to


Though your battle was lost, a legion remains to carry out your mission.

accept, she chose to act. Tim became a warrior. His unwavering dedication to ensure that Ellen would never fall, that she would never be alone on this journey, redefined what pure, unconditional love truly means. They together chose to serve first.

In this mission to serve, a legion of warriors formed. We all became heavily invested in uniting to save our hero. Ellen, however, had a greater vision. She had a story to tell and a mission to accomplish. A mission to embrace the greater good. A mission to be carried out by her biggest hero, Tim. 

From all of us who have been touched and changed for the better through the Toys we wholeheartedly want to express our sincerest gratitude and deepest sorrow. Just know that you will never fall, you will never be alone on this journey.