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WSOP Wrap Up

Posted: June 30, 2010 in poker

This month absolutely flew by. Easily this has been the most dedicated I’ve ever found myself to all forms of poker. I don’t really recall more than 2 or 3 days where I didn’t play cash or both cash and mtts. I had set some really lofty goals for the series. I wanted to play 5+ events on my own as well as have at least half of myself in the main event. I actually ended up playing 12 events, cashing in 2 for about $13k as well as a 2nd in Venetian for ~$30k. I have all of myself in the main as well as a big piece of one of my boys. The major goal I failed to meet was profiting 100k for the series. I know it was a big figure and I still have the main to play, but i really felt like it was obtainable if I had played as well at cash as I had been(especially considering I picked up a score in the Venetian). I only made 20k in cash which was about a third of what I expected, tho I didn’t play much 10/20 and I’ll be missing the next 6 days due to a wedding I’m going home for.

All and all this has been far and away my most successful series along w/the most volume. I’m excited for a short break and really looking forward to seeing some college friends and seeing my old roomie tie the knot. After that it’s all eyes on the main event in what I hope to be a deep run. Now that the hustle and bustle of the WSOP is concluding I am looking to get more involved in studying the game again which will in turn lead to more blogging