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Only the strong will survive

Posted: October 12, 2009 in poker

Much like anything else in life, poker is structurally designed for the strong to destroy the weak. Education can go a long way to allow one to maximize potential, and luck can lend itself to be a short-term leveler. However, NL holdem is far from a science. Ultimately the inability to problem solve through the combination of linear and abstract thinking will be the demise of the masses.On the surface it would appear that this is a live/old school style vs an online/new age style argument. Where the live guys (feel thinkers) will fail due to lacking an in-depth understanding of game theory and that the online guy(linear/mathematical thinkers) will fail for falling into a tunnel vision view of the game where logic reigns and good player vs good player lends itself to a solved situation where variance acts as judge, jury and executioner. What I’m really saying, tho, is that it’s really an issue of intellect. Yes both schools of thoughts are flawed, but yet there are extremely successful players from each camp. They not only have developed the skills necessary to win, but also the intellect to think on a level 99% of people cannot obtain.Assuming the upper echelon are of stable mind, they will avoid the minor pitfalls (BR management, emotional management, game selection, etc.). Instead they focus upon examining and developing a strategy to exploit the field, as well as individuals knowing full well that the dynamics will change, as much as hand by hand.

Information is growing increasingly easier to obtain, which as a result has developed misinformed, misguided masses taking those held in high esteem at their word. Regardless as to whether or not those guiding the group are correct, once the group begins to share a common logic/”brain” separation will fail to occur. Thus, success will ultimately be measured by ability to apply rather than the ability to think. In poker, applying the mechanics of a winning strategy will get you to break even. Understanding the strategy you apply will carry you into the realm of profit. But countering the logic of most w/abstract ploys as well as counter logic all while executing a basic strategy, that’s the thought process necessary to last. Terms like standard, optimal, and flawless are glass ceilings in a game involving human error, psychology and hundreds of other dynamic variables. In a time where the avg. player employs a¬†break-even¬†strategy and the separation between the best and avg. is constantly shrinking, the players who are capable of getting beyond “mass thinking” possess a significant edge and will ultimately survive…