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Playoff Hockey

Posted: May 20, 2009 in workouts/sports

Um I just want to go on record as saying playoff hockey may be the most exciting thing to actually witness in person. Went to see game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals and to say the least it did not disappoint. I’m by no means a hockey guru and I don’t really watch much of the regular season, but something about playoff hockey is nothing shy of amazing. I think the biggest thing that being home-made me miss were the sports teams. It’s so nice to take in a Bucco game on a random monday or hit up the Igloo when the Pens are in town. Obv during football season Steelers’ games the only thing that matters. I just miss having these events as an option under my “things to do for the day” list.

Unfortunately poker has pretty much gone by the waste side in Pitt. The underground games are either as small as 1/2 now or just obsolete and realistically that means I can’t move back here anytime soon, if ever. Which is a shame, I really enjoyed spending time w/my nephew this past week and would love to be more involved in his life(especially his athletic adventures). My Gram is also getting up in age and I hate the thought that I won’t be spending her golden years with her. She pretty much raised me from 8 yrs old on and I can’t think of a more influential person in my life, aside from my grandfather.

With that rant out-of-the-way, I’m a newly motivated man coming into the WSOP. I’ve completed the 90 days of P90X and was content w/the results. I still feel there is a lot of room to improve so I plan on hitting it hard throughout the WSOP. I really want to maintain a strict regiment throughout as I feel that it’s easy to lose focus and discipline this time of year. The bulk of my outta town friends will be here by the 1st and from there I expect a lot of basketball, a lot of random prop bets/extra curricular activities, and most importantly a lot of scores. Tentatively I’m going to play 5 events this year(main event excluded), as most of my focus will be on the 10/25 and 25/50 NL games. I’ll post my schedule once it’s finalized in my next blog. I will likely play the main event as well, but if I don’t satty in I’ll likely sell my action off. Anyway that’s it from me and my long over due update. Stay tuned for what I hope to be a more interesting next month.