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I just finished Phase 2 of 3 in the P90X workout. I’m really impressed at the results. I only shed 4 lbs, but I wasn’t exactly in a position to lose weight when I started the workout. Instead I’ve toned up tremendously and would argue I’m close to the shape I was in while playing college ball. My junior year was the best shape I reached(hitting < 7% body fat) so I would be curious to see how close I am to there again.

With this being my recovery week, I’ve been presented w/an interesting prop bet. I have been offered 2-1 on $100 that I can’t do 1,000 push ups in < 1:45. I’m pretty confident that I can not only do this, but do it in closer to 1:30. However, after talking to some of my baseball teammates I’m getting less and less confident. I wish I had feigned a little more weakness when presented w/the bet as I could have likely lobbied for either 3-1 or more time to complete the task. I’ll post results if I decide to go through w/it.

Far as poker is concerned March was great. I only put in 12 sessions which is 3-8 sessions less than I had hoped but it worked out well winning 10 of 12 for an avg of $3500/session. I must say that since moving up to 10/20 this past Nov. I’ve maintained a ridiculous win rate. I’m booking a winner 80% of my sessions, the majority of which being 5k+ scores. Unfortunately for me April owns my soul as Uncle Sam put a 5 figure bad beat on me. Good news is Bellagio hosts the 5-diamond this month so I’m forcing myself to really put in a high volume. I may or may not put in some volume during the scoop, not sure if I’m feeling it or not, I just really have grown to despise MTT’s.

Alright this rant has gotten long enough, look forward to a poker filled blog as well as a poker free blog some point in the next week or so…