Project: Solve For Why

The Academy



Solve For Why is a concept based upon melding philosophical thought with analytical problem-solving tactics. By thinking differently about problems, we forgo the conventional methods of defining how and what it is we hope to accomplish. Focus, instead, shifts to defining purpose through analyzing why.

It is the application of this thought process to poker that makes The Academy unique from all other poker camps. At The Academy, attendees receive in-depth instruction from select coaches on how to think differently when combating against their opponents. Specifically, the emphasis is on constructing winning strategies from the foundation up; a foundation built upon why. Having a sound understanding as to why your opponents do what they do will make implementing a strategy to directly exploit these tendencies a confident endeavor. This is because through questioning why we make the choices that we make at the table we are able to define the correct path toward our goal of defining and increasing our edge.

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