WSOP State of Mind

Posted: May 27, 2010 in poker

I preach that preparation ultimately is the biggest key to success. That being said I don’t think anyone can be fully prepared for the mayhem that is the World Series. It’s so incredibly easy to get lost in the lure of tournament poker, fame and success. Moreover overwhelmed by the never-ending games to choose from. It’s like online variety meets the poor play of live poker, thus heaven and hell all in one mixed bag. I’ve gone over a 100 different plans of attack, but none seem that optimal aside from the “play the first 1k and the main event, stick to cash games.” Optimal bankroll control, maybe, optimal equity noooooooo way. Anyone who knows me will be quick to say that BR considerations are probably the last thing I look at when playing poker. I’m trying to be more conscious of it, but cmon it’s the WSOP I’m gonna bang around a little. So w/that my tentative schedule is as follows:
Event #3b $1k – 163rd $2870
Event#11 $1500 –  bust early
event #13 $1000
Event#17 6-max $1500
event #24 $1000
Event#26 6-max $2500
event #36 $1000
Event#39 $1500 shootout
Event#42 $1500 (tentative)
Event#45 $1500 (tentative)
Event#47 last $1k
Main Event -$10k

My plan is 1 tourney/week. I still may revise this schedule, skipping the 6-max’s in exchange for 3 or 4 1k’s pending on how cash is going. Also $20k toward Tourneys is out of my BR so if I stick to said schedule I’d be selling off or sattying into the Main. I hate the thought of Tweeting so getting a twitter is so close to out of the question in my mind, but if I keep getting bugged about it I may make it happen. Thoughts?

Now on to the real problem of the next 45 days, burnout. I have tremendous anxiety about being able to maintain my focus while putting in the hours and still leading a balanced life. In the past I’ve gone into ubber grind mode playing 24/7 and it’s just not that profitable. It’s impossible to keep a healthy state of mind and maintain a high win rate when you are all work, no play. Besides who wants to spend summer that way. I’d give anything to fly one of my boys in from home who has no involvement with poker whatsoever just to keep me grounded. Force me to hoop/workout daily, take a break and go out from time to time, basically embrace/enjoy the series rather than loathe what should be the most profitable time of year. On my computer desktop are both my poker and life goals for ’10. Hopefully looking at them daily will be constant reminder to take a deep breath and perform to my ability consistently.

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