Success is such a relative term

Posted: September 6, 2009 in poker

As I write this I’m pretty steamed over punting a 100bb stack in the wcoop $500 so pardon me if it comes off a bit tilty. By all accounts this week was quite successful. Last sunday I won the 30k super turbo and then followed that up w/winning the 40k $109 on stars monday and again tues. I also shipped the 40k on thurs. and made a handful of FTs in between, culminating w/a 5th in the 100r yesterday…That’s the good news. Here’s where I constantly am checking myself…

I got two 8ths where i was 1/9, the 5th in the 100r i was 1/5 and today I find myself punting a CL stack w/38 left in the 150r as well as a 2.5x avg. stack w/8 levels to go in the WCOOP. I can handle execution errors, but to constantly have as many mental lapses as I seem to be suffering it makes me question if I’m partially challenged. Fortunately I’ve had success, and I’m finally grasping just how precious tourney life is. But I’m by no means playing to the best of my abilities. Which should come to me as encouraging. If/when I play my best the results should be eye-opening.

I’m still adjusting to this daily grind of MTT’s…in all honesty it’s not for me. I don’t like that my entire day is planned out for me from 9am – 10pm, most of which involves sitting in front of a computer. That being said I’m enjoying the profits and being a bit regimented has kept my workouts on track. I’m likely going to work in some more off days/half-days in the near future aside from just thurs. and fri. Tomorrow is the 1st annual Labor Day bbq, which I presume will be quite the shit show, as well as a much-needed day off…

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