WSOP Schedule

Posted: June 3, 2009 in poker

So May was a super slow month, I only played 3 live sessions and aside from a handful of deep FTOPs/Sunday runs I don’t have much to speak of. That being said I couldn’t be more excited, and (IMO) more prepared for the WSOP this year. My goal is to win 100k in cash and play 5 events plus the main. Sounds lofty but well w/in my current win rate.

The games have been soooooooo good. I really don’t know where people get all the money, considering this is some of the worst play I’ve seen all year. I had an interesting 25/25/50 plo session at the Rio where I lost 10k btw two pots(6k & 14k respectively) getting it in one to come w/the nuts. Unfortunate to run bad in those spots, but it made me decide to refocus my time to 10/20 and some 25/50 NL where the variance is much lower.

So on to my WSOP schedule, I had picked and chose 5 events to play and then decided last-minute to revamp the whole thing. I didn’t want to play a random tourney here and there so I decided all next week I will dedicate to MTT’s and kinda give my mind a break from cash. So look for me in the following:

6-8: $2500 6-max
6-10: $1500 shootout
6-11: $1500 NL
6-13: $1500 NL
*6-14: $2500 PLO

*pending on success in first 4 as well as my baseball team as that is the first round of the playoffs and I assume I would be pitching.

I’ll attempt to update more as the series goes on. Oh and Good Luck to Jason Mercier (treysfull) in the $1500 PLO FT today. He’s a sicko, just won the PLO FTOPS event and is going in 3rd in chips.

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