After accepting a position as one of the lead pro’s for the Insta Poker Coach mobile app, I found myself engulfed in the teaching process. I began taking notes during sessions and even going as far as planning my packs the way a teacher would plan their daily lessons. Shortly after the app launched I began receiving a ton of positive feedback as well as an endless amount of questions attempting to better understand what it takes to achieve success at the highest level. Encouraged by the positive reviews and the stimulating poker discussions, I took to my blog in hopes of providing a means for my viewers to pick my brain. Instead, it led to an increase in private coaching requests. I’ve since taken on a few select students, most notably was my involvement in helping to prep Russell Thomas for the WSOP ME Final Table. I would like to add a few more students who are serious about improving their game. Coaching will be done via Skype or in person in the Las Vegas area. You can contact me at to discuss further details.



  1. Theo Woldegabriel says:

    I started reading regarding your grand mom wow I am not a writer to tell you how l felt. And I kept on reading some of the stuff you wrote well what can I say keep on writing I will enjoy and take a lesson from what you write. I am 62 years old and I would say I read lots. But never enjoyed as I enjoy your writing. Well English is my second language. I am sure you will find spelling mistakes and thoughts mixed like spaghetti but what I would like to say is God bless and keep on writing I play and follow poker stuff never found a poker player like you. God bless


  2. Jesse says:

    Your performance on the latest poker nights in America was amazing. It’s not really about the win that you booked. I believe you made almost 0 mistake through out the 6 hour session. And then I looked up online to read some of your stories and found out that you pretty much turned a pro as you walked out of the campus. Right now I am pretty much in the same spot and really struggling if I should commit to poker full time after I graduate. I have been beating 2/5 nl for almost a year and have a decent size of bankroll. It was very inspiring to read your story and made me believe that I probably can also do it if I put my heart into the game. Thank you for that and wish you more than luck !


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